Author Topic: A proof of concept for time lapse frame capture on a low power flash device.  (Read 1385 times)

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I always wondered what it would be like to have a Raspberry Pi, so I got this used Odroid C1+ for $20 Canadian yesterday. It seems to generally work properly once you get passed the amp requirements. I have not done anything with the GPIO yet, so I hope it is functional.

What I was doing was putting some software on it and then saving the packages and the install image so I can have it when it is not available. Of course I will forget certain things. I thought of including the 'fswebcam'  command line tool, that allows you to take a picture using a webcam. So here is the proof of concept that a lower power device could be left on and save a series of frames to its sdcard. I configured the wired link manually and I can control the Odroid from ssh without keyboard or screen.

So to make this work you have to set up a scheduled command using like crontab. For unknown reasons the Odroid totally freezes when using the other cheaper webcam on that desk.
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