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A Smart (Drive) error.


I have had this 1.5T drive that I got from my parents' IBM when they went to Apple. I can't remember how long ago that was maybe like 2009? I was thinking of getting a big drive and I was checking it out again. I was keeping the drive in the closet because I think Linux was saying it had an issue, and I can't recall if I had formatted it or not and it had bad sectors. Today I put on the jumper to enable Spread Spectrum Clock that I would consider not a logical solution, but maybe sort of a tolerance hedge against something. I formatted the entire drive today under windows 7 and it says there are 0 bytes in bad sectors. Looking at the smart data there are 2 concerning fields, Multi_Zone_Error_Rate 1 and also Offline_Uncorrectable 1. Should I be worried or is just one of these not a big deal?

The only problem that really stands out is the load cycle count being really high, an infamous problem with the WD Green series. Use "idle3ctl" to work around it.


--- Quote from: msuffidy on May 23, 2024, 11:11:29 pm ---Should I be worried or is just one of these not a big deal?

--- End quote ---
First need to clean contacts from head to pcb. Next you can use this WD for movies or something not critical. Heads of WD is highly sensitive to massive write, when you write to it more than 100GB in one batch - disk can die. Therefore this disk is unusable for saving disk-images.
I have your disk inside of device "Popcorn Hour" many years without problem.

I usually get all the information from the drive:

--- Code: ---sudo smartctl -x /dev/....

--- End code ---

Also, test your drive, if not yet:

--- Code: ---sudo smartctl -t conveyance /dev/....
sudo smartctl -t long /dev/....

--- End code ---

I'd days ignore the errors. If the disk starts with reallocating blocks, that is a reason to keep a close eye on it, if the counter rises, that's a cause for concern.
The load/unload is annoying, but I don't think we ever had a disk fail to that (and we sold lots of them), in genereal, the WD Green were a solid choice. However, they were not great performance-wise, the load/unload often brought performance down, unsuitable for server applications. OK as a backup drive (this is how most of our customers used them).


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