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A week using an Apple iPhone -- An Android user's perspective

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Interesting stuff. Some info here, minus the Panda wank (they are an antivirus pusher)

Actual source:

If you look at the exploit, concisely it appears to be based on WebKit JIT. So they:

1. Find an exploit in the JIT engine.
2. Leverage that to write to executable memory.
3. Use this to spawn shellcode
4. Use this to perform privilege execution.

That's a pretty advanced multi-stage attack. With the price attached to such attacks that was either sold to a state level entity or developed by one to start with. Probably what they're doing when the borrow your phone on entering China.

However A12 cores are immune to this as specified in the article thanks to PAC so not worried here as mine is an XR :-DD. This is also why you don't run tail end software and hardware if you value your security like all those miserable fuckers who refused to stop using XP.

To note this is something that desktop Chrome, Safari and Edge (dev) could be vulnerable to in one form or another.

But JavaScript is the RCA. The hacks we have to use to get rid of the hot steaming lines coming off that turd are immense and full of holes....

Mr. Scram:
Don't worry, we'll hear about the A12 vulnerabilities in 4 years time.  ;D

I'll have an A13 then  :-DD

Mr. Scram:

--- Quote from: bd139 on September 02, 2019, 04:37:27 pm ---I'll have an A13 then  :-DD

--- End quote ---
We'll hear about how that one was actively exploited when you had it in your pocket another year later.

I'll have been abducted by North Korean spies and rubber hosed at their embassy before then :)


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