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Adobe Acrobat Reader on Win10 leaks memory like a sieve!

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What in blazes is going on with Acrobat Reader?

Open it in Win10. It starts two AcroRd32.exe processes. Each takes about 55 MB memory with no open files.

I open a 10 MB data sheet. Memory on one of the process zooms up to about 250 MB straight away. I scroll through the file a bit to make sure that it's all loaded, and memory use creeps up to about 450 MB.

Look away for a couple of minutes and now memory use is up to 2.6 GB.

Sheesh, this is crap.


Acrobat Reader was good up till about version 5...   then it became a bloated piece of crap.

Foxit Reader is a decent alternative...

I have Acrobat Reader instslled in one of the machines but only for the offending document that does not render well on alternative software.

Foxit 9.3 is very good. It has the print-to-PDF driver that works very well. I vaguely recall that newer versions removed that and got sensibly more bloated.

If you are like me and has to consult just a bit of information or two in several different datasheets or technical manuals, then SumatraPDF is as fast as it can get.

I did not know about Foxit ... I'll install it when I get back to the office on Tuesday.

Why can't they just ship Apple Preview on Windows.

Another good pdf viewer is SumatraPDF. Open source and supports many different document types. It is designed as a portable application. Just download and unzip its files into a folder and it's good to go. I've been using it for many years now. One limitation though is that it doesn't do fill-in forms. I use Foxit for the rare occasions I need that ability (usually just tax time).


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