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Advice on external USB sound device.

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Currently looking for a decent quality high versatility DAC/ADC (sound card) for use in a low key music computer (instruments, not listening, needs a decent line level input).


Price is between 50-100 USD.
Connects via USB (or IEEE 1394, but I don't imagine that's gonna come up)
Low latency
FreeBSD support (JACK support, but it uses system drivers intended to mimic OSS, or plain OSS)
Amplified output.

Would be nice:
Is available Amazon Prime.
ALSA/Linux support (although this is likely not an issue if it has BSD support)

It doesn't need to be studio quality, my only intentions are to throw some guitars on it and get a nice output. I have a Z97 Gigabyte board with decent onboard sound I use for this purpose, but I'm arranging a more dedicated machine for this due to sound server stupidity, among other things.

Suggestions appreciated, thank you.

I know it is a little more but is this any good to you?

Behringer UMC404HD U-Phoria 4x4 USB Audio Interface 4-Midas mic preamps

I did look through a few articles on the UMC202HD and the UMC404HD:

Woah that's what I call a sound card.

It looks like a good bit of kit, I might be able to go up to there, but I might want to entertain a few more contemporary options. It's likely above the concept of someone who is just going to be tinkering around with some instruments casually.

Thanks for that link though, that really does look like an interesting device. MIDI too, which is great by me.

EDIT: Just looked on Amazon and the UMC202HD is within my price range, and would meet all my needs (though I'd have to put some money down on converters to connect audio plebian gear to). I'd still be interested in more options if anybody has any.

Focusrite Scarlett are excellent.

Avoid Behringer and M-Audio if you want something of good quality.


--- Quote from: oPossum on June 21, 2019, 04:10:25 am ---Focusrite Scarlett are excellent.

Avoid Behringer and M-Audio if you want something of good quality.

--- End quote ---

You see the issue here is that what is and is not quality will change from person to person. So long as it can beat what one would have on their motherboard, I'm happy as far as quality goes. What is important to me, as I don't have a lot of money, is price. Those sound devices are /very/ expensive, and I'd need to have some layman's manner of understanding the significant difference I would get for giving up features and money in exchange for one of those units.

I'm not saying it's a bad suggestion, and I genuinely do not need audiophile gear. I do thank you very much for the suggestion though, another person made the same one, so you're not crazy. :P


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