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After Windows Upgrade to 1903, I have two not existing monitors connected

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...and I can not get rid about them.
The yellow ones are just fake ghosts make monitors.

It looks like my NVidia Quadro K6000 detects now two "HP Panel" wtf monitors on the DVI connectors.
Unfortunately nothing is plugged into the DVI connectors.

What I did:

1) reinstall the last NVidia Quadro K6000 driver
2) Uninstall the monitors in the device manager but they are detected back after a reboot/restart
3) if I deactivate the ghost monitors in the NVidia control panel they are away from the system but they are still there ready to be reactivated.

I can even download the EDID and with VNC I can even see of the ghosts monitors....

I am going nuts.


What happens if you disable them in Device Manager?

Try uninstalling ALL monitors and THEN reinstall the NVIDIA drivers and reboot. 

The monitors can't be detected (yes pedantic use) if they don't exist. Somewhere something has remembered they existed prior to the reboot. I don't know where the drivers record such info, maybe the registry or a hidden file. Or it's a bug in the drivers.

Did you ever have such monitors connected?

If they don't exist then disabling them is still going to leave a record they exist. Which is not as good as removing them completely.

Try uninstalling Windows 10.


--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on December 04, 2019, 12:51:52 am ---Try uninstalling Windows 10.

--- End quote ---
I just installed Ubuntu MATE dual boot after my Win 10 totally flaked out yet again. It's really nice I have it working with my email and stuff, calendar is the only problem. I had normal Ubuntu but hated the Unity thing so have always used Xubuntu - but I hated that too (why on earth did the xfce idiots insist that you can only stretch a window if you can pixel perfect hit a single pixel with the mouse before dragging it?)
Ubuntu MATE is really nice as a desktop, and very configurable.


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