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any laptop with 10.4" 4:3 lcd?

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so, I'm looking for a laptop with a 10.4" 4:3 LCD display.
I need to convert it into a vt220 terminal (both uart and ethernet(1)) in a mini-rack drawer, I don't need more than 800x600 pixels.

my thinkpad X61/S laptop has a 12.1" 4.3 LCD display, but it's too big (+2") for the drawer, for there are other things that need to go in.

any idea?

(1) I can use minicom@GNU/Linux, or Procomm@freeDOS

how about a netbook


--- Quote from: themadhippy on February 25, 2024, 09:53:34 pm ---how about a netbook

--- End quote ---

good as I need very little CPU power, but which brand/model?  :-//
the big problem is: modern laptops and netbooks are not 4:3, and frankly I do find annoying other formats for the text-console.

mini-PC and External monitor?

you had some acer aspire one  with 10 inch  ???  or some lappy variants 


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