Author Topic: Any suggestions/info on cheap FXS/FXO cards?  (Read 1589 times)

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Any suggestions/info on cheap FXS/FXO cards?
« on: October 19, 2019, 06:15:37 pm »
So I'm thinking of replacing my Obi 200 with something more intricate and capable of more interesting tasks.
To do this I'd be setting up a dedicated Asterisk server, and I'd like some FXS card(s)/module(s) to go with it.
Obvious things being obvious, this is something that I'd want to buy on a budget, I do not want to spend much on the hardware, but I do want to ensure there is no major trap or pitfall I might be walking into.

I've looked at what seem to be TD400P clones on Amazon for acceptable prices, this example being a 3x FXS 1x FXO model.
I'd basically want to ensure that it won't catch fire, it will do what it needs to do, and it will work with Asterisk. If someone could also tell me if A. Asterisk can use Google Voice as a VoIP provider still (I'm finding conflicting reports), and B. Do these FXS modules support pulse dialing (as opposed to tone dialing)? Might be an odd question, the manual for a real TD400P states it might.

Thanks for any advice that could be rendered, I'm not experienced in the slightest with PBX or phone routing stuff, it just seems like a neat waste of money.
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