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Apple have "invented" a new way of charging LiPo batteries in phones??

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--- Quote from: Sal Ammoniac on August 15, 2019, 07:48:41 pm ---Another reason not to charge a Tesla (or any EV, for that matter) to 100% is regenerative braking. Charge it to 100% and you loose regen braking because the current generated by the motor acting as a generator has nowhere to go. Sure, you could burn it up in a resistor bank, but there are drawbacks to that too.

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Problem you described will happen in very, very rare case when you miraculously (downhill?) accelerate without using battery charge. As long as you accelerate discharging battery, regenerative braking return less than it is spent to accelerate. It's law of conservation of energy + nothing is perfect in this world law.


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