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As I'm planning to migrate to Linux host with Windows virtualization ...

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I'm in the preparation to move to Linux host and use virtualization for all my Windows (XP, 7 and 10), still undecided between Ubuntu vs Mint and QEMU vs VirtualBox, then I read this ...  :(

-> Chrome, Edge, Safari hacked at elite Chinese hacking contest

Quoting above ..

The exploit on Ubuntu + #qemu-kvm achieved partially control of the host. A bonus of $80,000 was won by 360Vulcan @Xiaowei__ being the highest bounty for a single exploit in Day 1 #TFC.


Applause to 360Vulcan @Xiaowei He has successfully escaped from the #qemu-kvm, and execute arbitrary code on Ubuntu host’s operating System. The exploit is to be verified.


Amazing! 360Vulcan @XiaoWei___  successfully escaped from the #VMware #EXSi and controled the host’s operating system within 24 seconds. Now, they went to the review room with the judges. Let's wait patiently for the final result.


Guess I have to wait again ...  ::)

Or just don't use qemu? I use Virtualbox on Ubuntu Mate.

So what? There will always be bugs and hacks. You will have to wait forever until that is all bug free.

Cell phones get hacked all the time. Have you stopped using one already?


--- Quote from: james_s on November 28, 2019, 06:46:12 am ---Or just don't use qemu? I use Virtualbox on Ubuntu Mate.

--- End quote ---
Me too.
Works great.


--- Quote from: Circlotron on November 28, 2019, 07:58:41 am ---Works great.

--- End quote ---
It works great, but you don't know if there are VM escape vulnerabilities. So this does not really address OP's issue.


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