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I'm here on behalf of my mother to ask for help,we are wondering who has experience in recovering login passwords,my mother forgot her new password,the bad thing is, there's nothing we can do about it.


--- Quote from: blueskull on July 16, 2019, 04:12:27 am ---If it is a Microsoft account, use your MS account to recover log in password. If you forget it, use its recovery email to reset. If you can't log in to your email, call MSFT.

If it is a local account, use a password cracking tool usually you need to pay a few bucks for the software.

Or better, use a Linux or other OS to boot, copy important files to a thumb drive, and nuke to original OS and install a new one using either recovery mode or a new installation media.

--- End quote ---
I did some research on Google on how to recover Windows password with Microsoft account.i've never used my Microsoft account,i've signed up before, but never used it once,entered the relevant email and phone number (Not right now) without receiving any text messages.
As for the another method,i will try.....
Anyway,thank you.

I have used linux bootable CDs with chntpw before.

Each computer has a guest account,it is another way for user to login to computer,then clik"My computer","Manage"and"Local Users & Groups",in this way,the password of locked account can be edited or removed,that is to say,you can set up a new login password for it.
Well.Someone likes using online password cracking tools.
These are for reference only:

Electro Detective:
Call a few computer repairers in your area and tell them what happened

Take your mum along with the PC to show you're legit, otherwise they may think you're a thief

If they are real computer repairers, they'll have you out the door in 10 minutes  :clap:


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