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Asus laptop battery without charge balancing?

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now you made me curious - that should not get out of a "decent" factory.
once they get out of balance that bad, one cell can overcharge until it fails - those pouch type cell will swell (seen multiple notebooks with this problem)
can you take a picture of the BMS ?
is it original or a replacement pack ?

I discovered the laptop battery problem during preparations for a travel and will post images when i come back. Yes, the battery itself appears like a pouch with aluminum foil outside and the battery pack covers the aluminum leaving the top only covered by some plastic foil, so it can swell a little without developping a lot of pressure. The bad battery was a replacement and it appeared like new. I bought that notebook as new some years ago and rarely used it. The problem was finding the right type of SSD module to use in the socket inside the notebook.
I remember finding in a drawer some old cell phones that had not been used for years. I took them out and looked at their batteries for curiosity. Some of them looked dangerous, almost like an electrolytical cap near pressure failure. Of course all of them bad. Also i remember getting a bunch of failed emergency lamps as present. Those were LED lamps with small Li-Ion batteries inside that would provide illumination for an hour or so during a mains power outage. Since that never happened the batteries would all swell and fail after some time.

Regards, Dieter

a multi-cell (series) lithium powered consumer device without any protection from overcharging one cell (Due to no single cell voltage detection) would not pass safety testing.

So there must be something you missed, perhaps each cell has an internal PCM that prevents overcharge/overdischarge.
It doesn't need a 3rd wire, or cell tap, to stop the battery from getting so imbalanced that it would be dangerous.


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