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ATX 3.0 12VHPWR connector type concerns

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Does anyone know to which Molex connector type family the new ATX 3.0 12VHPWR connector belongs?

It is obviously a hybrid of some sort, with it's 12 power and 4 data pins. I am most interested in what the equivalent for the power pins would be. It has a pin pitch of 3 milimeters, so i think that Molex Micro Fit would be the equivalent?

One reason i ask is, that there are increasing reports about melting connectors. This 12VHPWR connector is supposedly rated for 600 Watts at 12 Volts, and the new nVidia 4090 can draw 600 watts peak power according to preliminary tests.

A Molex Micro Fit would not fit the bill then. If i understand the datasheet correctly, in a 12 pin configuration, the rating per pin is just 6.5 amps.
If i have not miscalculated, supposing equal load sharing between all pins, you would get more than 8 amps per pin at 600 watts. Maybe not a gross overload, considering that 600 watts is peak power, but still concerning.
Combine that with the low mating cycle count of just 30, and this is not a connector that i would like to use in a PC, where any layman can build one. Not at these power levels...

I suspect, or at least hope, that this connector will not be part of the standard for long, at least not on this power level. But what could alternatives be, besides going back to the larger and higher rated Molex Mini Fit?

Ok, i was actually pointed towards the actual connector:

So it is an Amphenol connector, of the Minitek Pwr 3 series.

Does not change much, according to this datasheet it still seems to be underrated for 600 Watts:

I get the feeling they decided on the connector before Nvidia decided to push its limits. One single bad pin connection will cause specatular and expensive failures, especially with the overclockers pushing things FAR beyond the limits..

Next PC accessory market will be a automatic fire supression systems.


--- Quote from: Algoma on September 26, 2022, 08:53:10 pm ---Next PC accessory market will be a automatic fire supression systems.
--- End quote ---
audio power-phile grade power distribution kits with exotic coatings and burn in periods, "upgrade your power connectors to unleash the full capability of your hardware"

I would laugh if the problem was some rube who just divided 600W/12V/12 Pins and said "4.16A, that a great safety factor for a 5.5A rated pin!"
Forgetting that it's half as many pins I in and half again I out.

Though it's more likely Molex designed a customized set of changes for the higher capacity.


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