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Australian Government Invests $1BN on Aussie Quantum Computing Startup

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21 companies applied and only one got the entire $1BN?  :-//  :bullshit:

"Australian quantum computing company" in... Palo Alto :)

Multiple of the founders are Australian and it sounds like they are opening a new fairly large site in Brisbane, but it's still odd to see them called an Australian company...

Doubt.  Smells like money laundering, or maybe funds for the incoming elections, who knows.  :-//

Often companies contest the winner and go to court for only a couple of million in grants, and here 1000 million goes all into one direction, and outside Australia, and expect me to believe this is legit.  ???

$1 freaking Billion. :palm:

Looks like a high-powered scientific team:

I can easily imagine a member of the FVEY ( coughing up $1BN
for a technology that will break cryptographic codes.


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