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Automatic brightness control of monitor in windows 10

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I could do all of that if I could get the damn sensor. There is no direct light and no flaring, just lots of light.

So what's the problem?
USB ambient light sensors are readily available, so if you've got DDC/CI capable monitors, its just a matter of scripting.

You may also wish to consider getting some translucent vertical strip window blinds, and a remote control motor module for them so you can automate blocking direct sunlight while still allowing in as much daylight as possible.

Actually there are precious few sensors and I did not find any while I put ambient light sensor in the search but the dummer "usb light sensor" does produce a couple of results.

eh? scripting? come again?


--- Quote from: Simon on September 26, 2021, 07:36:21 pm ---I would like to have the brightness of my monitors change automatically over the day. In the morning the room is lit, by the afternoon the sun shines in, then the sun sets and it's um, rather dark. I cannot possibly have one setting that will deal with all of these. I am either straining to see what is on the screen or getting a headache from a bright monitor for 2/3 of the day.

....I looked for an ambient light sensor but you cannot get these.

Surely this is not so hard? Do I actually have to hack the monitors themselves?

--- End quote ---

There're plenty of monitors with built-in ambient light sensor  :-//


--- Quote from: Simon on September 27, 2021, 12:17:25 pm ---I just don't understand why even microsoft can't provide this functionality as part of windows,
--- End quote ---

oh, who knows.

Maybe for the same reason it took them FIFTEEN YEARS to support USB Audio Class 2.0 in Windows, even as Apple and Linux supported it pretty much right after ratification.

Maybe for the same reason Windows still doesn't have a backup feature that works like Time Machine on the Mac.


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