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Besides TPM +PLUTO and all pushed ecrap.. MS will NOT install on HDs...

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So they are claiming property de facto of all hardware giving customers no choice.

By default as usual pushing  their crap in retailers..

sick nauseate.



Disc storage is evolving...
spinning rust is for bulk storage at huge sizes. 4TB and beyond.
Flash is for OS/applications and mobile ( you don't want power hungry spinning drives mobile anyway)
Flash is smaller, consumes less power and is faster.

Even in servers the OS can be stored on an M2 and the real drives are data containers. upgrading the os is as simple as replacing the M2 module with a fresh imaged one. so in large datacenters your downtime is low. power off  , swap module, power on. no sane person will sit there deploying and configuring the OS while that server is down.

so, microsoft has a point.
for consumers : flash as boot , any other drive is data. laptops don't have drives anymore. it's all flash. i could see it being useful for desktops , but we are evolving away from those. and even desktop boards have M2 slots these days. and you can always use a flash sata if needed.
for servers : flash for OS, drives for data.

if i look at my machines. they all use flash as their primary drives and they are all older than 5 years... the workstations have a secondary spinning drive but even then they are mainly going unused .. data lives on the NAS which is all real drives ( think of it : even the nas boots from ... flash... )

so it's only logical. There is a point where you have to let go of legacy. Even linux does that.. they ditched so many processors and devices over the years. Using flash for the OS only has advantages. they can optimize the OS for the features only found in flash memory

+1  with the previous thread

you can find some ways to upgrade legacy stuff   like  ide DOM (disk on module)  kinda like an ssd

Compact flash cards with an adapter  to boot from ...    etc ...

Eventually  yes   

You will have to upgrade,  i'm on pcie 4x gen 4  ssd     damn it's fast, when i install and  ''old hdd''  i want to cry  loll

Piling money to get on the next gen  pcie5  ssd / nvme etc ....  lolll    speeeeed 

I see that w/caveats:

- Any soft vendor (OS in particular) enforcing what they deliberately will work with is bad.
  so bad they can actually dump users and force buying it all again at any time.

- and this is going towards flashing the thing into some ROM flash with fuses and proprietary stuff.

That includes putting the  whole FOSS ecosystem on top of it...
locked by firmware flashing and FUSES.

Steps are clearly making this picture



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