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Now that low processor power consumption is so fashionable, but computing power is still highly valued, I was wondering which processor will have the best ratio of these two variables.
Of course, the main problem with this question is to define what is computing power. It could be measured in MIPS and MFLOPS but they are very erratic measures.
Does anyone know if there is any serious study or ranking on this point and which is the best processor?


* Performance per watt (Wikipedia)
* New RISC-V CPU claims recordbreaking performance per watt

Only for desktop computers and laptops CPUs:
 * Power Performance (PassMark)
 * Which CPU gives the most performance per watt? (Technoscad)
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No, but I think that neither synthetic benchmarks nor per-TDP values are a good measure.

Benchmarks suffer the same issues as they do in general peformance measurement. They don’t use realistic or expected workloads. And there is always the risk of results being volkswagened. Performing tasks, which one is likely to actually use the CPU for (video encoding or running a server handling realistic requests), is more accurate.

TDP indicates thermal requirements. Higher energy consumption and heavier loads are obviously correlated. But not neccessarily maximum performance implies operating at maximum power. Actual energy consumption should be measured.

But it’s hard to attract big audience by publishing tests irrelevant to them. And it’s more expensive to measure power than just check specs on manufacturer’s website. :P


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