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Best routers out there ?

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With 'best' i mean the following
- best throughput WIRED and wireless. Most reviews blabber about theoretical bandwidths on wifi but nobody talks about what the router can really handle. Most of my stuff is wired. The router should be able to handle many datastreams simultaneously and not fall over it has to manage 50+ devices all blabbering randomly with each other.

Current network topology. current router only has 4 ports.

router - 4 ports (let's call them a b c d) all gigabit
-SNIP- WRONG. NEW ACCURATE PLAN MADE... so much stuff has changed over years i lost track.

wifi is used only for wife's two laptop ( one work , one home ) and a few tablets ( 3x amazon tablets for home automation,  three ipads and 2 iphones plus 5 or 6 amazon dots)

current system works but wifi is spotty ( i can see at least 20 other networks form neighbours all fighting for channels ) and nas / internet can bog down when moving lots of data

I want to rearrange stuff to crank out more throughput , especially towards the nas devices. the amount of NAS devices is going to be reduced the LG's are on their way out, and the two asusstors will get more drives.
so the new topology would look like

new router. here is the idea
port 1 - nas1
port 2 - nas2
port 3 - 24 port switch housefeed
port 4 - 8 portswitch - legacy devices ( old nas , home auto hubs and timecapsule ) old nas will be gone by end of year
port 5 - ipcams
port 6 - garage
port 7+8 link aggregation to office

i want throughput between office and the main NAS devices and house and NAs devices and internet. Running new cables is not an option. Fortunately i have have 3 dedicated cat 6e running from network closet to office so i can use two for aggregation. The run is short ( max 10 meter ) so i should be able to do something there. Either aggregation or attempting 10gb link (one router i found has a 10gb port) to a local switch. in short : i want a bigger pipe there.

for wifi i want to use a mesh solution. those 'repeaters' are crap as you need to manually change wifi on your devices. it should work seamlessly. so i want a router that comes with real mesh functionality
there are so many choices out there...

budget is not a problem. new router + a wifi extender + new switch for office

I suggest looking into Mikrotik. They also have test results on their website. Like on bottom of this page:

God no not microtik after this shit: . RouterOS is a piece of shit as well as is their licensing.


--- Quote from: bd139 on July 08, 2019, 03:14:55 pm ---God no not microtik after this shit: . RouterOS is a piece of shit as well as is their licensing.

--- End quote ---
Because customers (ISPs) did not bother to update them for half a year since there was security patch released immediately after vulnerability became known.

How about Cisco?
The same can be said about almost any other manufacturer.


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