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BIOS for MSI MS-6163 Motherboard

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So, after some recent diving in my old computer part boxes, i found this board.
For some reason, it has the BIOS - flash chip pulled. I have no idea if i have done it, if it was handed to me like that or what.
Does anyone have any information of compatible flash chips, and can the files that are still downloadable from MSI site be used?

If you can get the correct flash memory and a way to program it look in the downloadable .exe file and you will find a w6163imj.3a0 file which looks like an image for the flash. I attached it here for you but I had to rename it because you can't upload .3a0 files, so now it has a .hex extension. A proper extension would be .bin so rename it to read it into a programmer.

Thank you very much for that info.

Do you have any idea what memory was used? Or one that can be used :)


--- Quote from: spilihps on January 11, 2020, 08:51:19 pm ---Thank you very much for that info.

Do you have any idea what memory was used?

--- End quote ---
Well, apparently some 2 Mbit (256KB) SPI parallel FLASH.

I couldn't find a good size picture and one readable ones have that "Award" logo over it.

See picture.
I typed in SST MPF and this number seems to match a bit on the blurry writing.
SST MPF SST39SF010A which is also showing on an old Xeltek programmer.


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