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Blocked Website on Win 10 but Works with IPVanish

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I need to access a public website from my desktop (Win10).  I get a message saying "This site can’t be reached. Checking the connection. Checking the proxy and the firewall. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT".  So far it seems to only be this one site.

1) error happens using any browser (Edge, Chrome, Explorer)
2) same error if I open a "private" page in any of these browsers
3) same error with my Malwarebytes and Avast antiviral disabled.
4) I have access to two ISP, cable and FIOS, same error happens with both
5) If I run IPVanish, I can access the website no problem

I searched thru Win10 Network and Firewall settings and cannot see anything blocked.

Any advice very much appreciated.

Its DNS you need to look at. You could set your DNS to Google's public DNS

Windows, Mac, Android or Linux System. Exact steps vary.

In windows NSLOOKUP command is used to troubleshoot and test DNS lookups.

Otherwise it could be temporary failed route within your ISP that is outside of your control., besides using a proxy to get around their failure yourself
Use PING and TRACERT commands to check for these issues. Or website like to see if others report having issues on your ISP or target site

I dont think its the ISP, as I said I have two (Optimum Cable and Verizon FiOS) and problem is with both.  Also, my laptop running same Win10 version with either ISP has no problem with the website.  I used NSlookup on the desktop and typed in the website and NSLookup gave me the Address but using that also did not work.  There's some setting on my Desktop PC which is blocking access.

Sites might or might not be accessible depending from where (geographically) you try to access them.

This can happen either as an intentional geoblocking, or by a network failure, or by network misconfiguration, etc.  Also, same website can present different pages to different geographical areas, but this is not the case here.

There are many places to check the availability of a website around the world (random link):


--- Quote from: NY2KW on January 08, 2022, 06:10:39 pm ---My laptop running same Win10 version with either ISP has no problem with the website.

--- End quote ---

Browser extensions perhaps, or proxy settings.. Otherwise uninstall the antivirus. I've seen it remain active although you set it disabled. That's about it besides browser cache.. Beyond that you need to go lower into the protocol stack and start using telnet to open the port manually and test the connection. Or start capturing the packets at the network layer and see where the connectivity breaks down.


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