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CloneZilla - SATA SSD to USB 3 SSD - cloned like lightning!



Bought a mint ThinkPad L540 from a wholesaler. The supplied SSD is a 192GB Samsung (Windows 11) with only 40GB used space. I fired up 'Ole Faithful, AKA "CloneZilla", connected my new Integral 480GB SSD via a USB 3 to SATA adapter, expecting the clone (192GB ---> 480GB) to take 15-20 mins... but it completed in what felt like a heartbeat 4-5 mins! It even did the proportional resize operation (to allow for the larger target SSD) in that time.

All works perfectly, no disk checking, no errors, Windows boots and I am back in my OS where I was on the older drive. Is this normal? I know SSD to SSD, even over USB 3, is fast, but this was INSAAAAAAANE!  :D :-+

Sounds normal.  It's a great piece of software with a stupid name, used correctly it's remarkably stable.

I was sorting thru old utilities the other day and I found DebugView by sysinternals that was bought by Mikrosoft way back.  It's the most useful windows debugging tool I have ever found. One of it's best uses is being able to open it on a production box and get a snapshot of the traces on the system.  You can narrow it to only what you are debugging on, or even capture kernel events.  It's amazing how many sofware engineers I worked with that had never heard of it. 

To use it, just embed debug.trace or equivalent statements and they will be outputted on debugview, just set capture > globalwin32.  It comes in most handy when you are testing end to end communications that cannot be paused for any form of step thru debugging.  Here you can get a complete output of trace statements as your code executes real time.


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