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Debian 11 (Bullseye) xfce4 with xdmcp

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Expected to happen as Devuan being just Debian equivalent
wo systemd is following the herd using these alternatives..

But it is hard to compare the level of mature secure options you have
using XDM and xauth with others so simple..

That kind of error you mention is usually due to a permission problem
A simple file or library permission, or directly related to the user trying to
run xauth.  Should never happen in a default Slackware install.
Slackware by default follows best NIX practices.

There is a new kid on the block.. (one more) SDDM:

Looks like just a cute thing to eye candy  fast installers...

To leverage security one step.. next step is PAM
Slackware is also ready to put PAM on top of X11 stack
but that is harder to config...

You should be able to solve XDM  permissions... xauth, xhost..
and put it ok on Devuan..

Paul  :-+


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