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Debloat Win11, clean install without MS BS.

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Here is how to do a Win11 home edition install without a MS Account and remove all the bloat an telemetry.

I am always wondering...

Why some folk in perfect mental health is still  wasting time on this crap shit OS...

Just flush the thing in the toilette and move on...


Just download a minimal version of Win 11 pro and install that one and your are done.

Regardless of which OS (linux or windows) you choose, and both could be equally good in almost every use case, it's probably a best practice to "clean install" each one.

For Windows, install from ISO, regardless of the seller of your computer; follow up with the usual configuration tasks that are important to you. For me, that is turning off all unnecessary services, telemetry removal, update fine-tuning, and so on.

For Linux, install from ISO, choose your type of install (desktop, server, minimal, dev, etc.); follow up with the usual configuration tasks for your Linux use case.

Rarely does any vendor's (hardware) or OS supplier's "defaults" work for me, nor should you accept them. With a minimum of googling, you can fine-tune each OS.

I use, and like, both of them. With so many smart folks out there using both, you'll be in good company.

you have good free apps with no BS in them   to do a proper clean up in windows, but  to kill completly telemetry is not possible, even on the entreprise version who could go higher in the settings thru GPO etc ..

like the video, you have some tools in windows to remove some stuff

You have tools who work at the ISO level  before installation, you have tons of scripts too, BUT MS  like to play with us ... it is really hard to maintain in some cases

O&O shutup 10
O&O appbuster

Tried this w11 $#%^$   added the  getallisback menu tool,  reverted back to win 10 in the end,  could not stand it anymore   not worth it

Another vista  loll


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