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Devuan 4.0 Released As Debian 11 Without Systemd

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Thanks for all those serious folks that can not bear such aberration...

We have a new release of a systemd free Debian...

According to...

and go here to read absolute awesome comments from serious people...


I think the main point is always missed in most discussions.

Systemd is not an Init system, neither its a friednly Open Source alternative for some other OSS tools and solutions. And it had never been such a thing from the start.

1. Systemd is an extreme commercial marketing invasion from the ground up. It's all about aggressive commercial marketing and politics. Not free software for kind home hackers.
2. It had never been planned to be an init, it was planned to become a Complete Operating System under the Linux kernel. Init - was just a clever Entry point.
3. Why? To eat all well-known linux distributions. To get a huge amount of free beta testers.
4. Why next? To build a commercial product for End user devices - for mass market. Gnome going the same way. All this stuff like Wayland, Gnome, Systemd, Firefox to have an independent from Microsoft/Apple - commercial devices with glass screens. Some still call them PC''s.
5. Why else - and mostly this - commercial services on the the data center side. Those who collect and still our data. This is probably the number one systemd mission for now, it is build just to fit those needs.
6. It is being marketed extremely unpleasant, with the whole corporate culture and methods behind. Starting from blog posts, blog texts, crafted comments, supporters and speakers.
7. From the software point of you - it's architecture and usage is really brain-damaged. It is extremely over-engineered, uncomfortable, authoritarian.

So nothing here about free software, computer hobbiests, linux lovers, distros, good new software.
It's a pure corporate killer from the very start, it's about corporate revenue, and all the hate is reasonable.

I am sick of these filthy POTTERIX thing..

thankfully I am not the only one..  :wtf:


Nominal Animal:
Downloads, development, and more info at the distro home, (will always redirect to

The current stable release (as of 2021-10-14) is Devuan Chimaera 4.0.

D-Day, celebration day  ;D ;D ;D


--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on October 15, 2021, 11:40:13 am ---Downloads, development, and more info at the distro home, (will always redirect to

The current stable release (as of 2021-10-14) is Devuan Chimaera 4.0.

--- End quote ---

They were also clever and kind enough to ditch PulseAudio...

Which is very much like Wayland a deliberate hack to be used under systemd management..
a total crap for serious use...

The de facto DAW Audio tool is JACK.
Nothing related with PulseAudio.

Good to have back a clean systemV DAW equipped with JACK and pure ALSA.

Thanks these folks  :-+

Great news!   :-+

Does this means the default Debian distributions from now on will be without systemd?


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