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I have first heard of this Discord audio conference software. It seems it was started for use by gamers but it has become more mainstream. I understand it runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and that is the main reason I am interested. My interest is only to use it as audio conference with one other user. I would like to hear from those who have used it and know it.

It has become pretty popular. It has even swept away a fraction of IRC users, which is no small feat. ;D

I personally don't like it for various reasons, and would suggest Teamspeak for your use case.

It's much cleaner and safer IMO. Both Discord and Teamspeak have proprietary licenses, but those are pretty liberal for individuals and small teams. I just would trust Teamspeak much more. Also, last I tried Discord, the app was much more ressource-hungry.

Just my opinion.


--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on September 15, 2019, 02:48:25 pm ---I personally don't like it for various reasons, and would suggest Teamspeak for your use case.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for your input. I have looked into teamspeak but I am unclear on some things. It says you do not need to log into their servers, which I take is a good thing. OTOH it says you need to run your own server which sounds more complicated than is worth. Could you help clarify this?

Also, I cannot determine if it will work with Win XP PRO SP3. Software download pages used to state very clearly what the requirements were but I find that more recently they just say "Windows". How can I know?

XP... damn. That's pretty old. ;D Works fine on Win 7/64 and Linux.

So, I don't know, but you can try installing the client. It's not heavy-weight. It won't blow up in your face.
You can also take a look there:

You don't have to setup your own server if you don't want to, you can use theirs. I trust it more than I trust Skype or Discord. You can read the FAQ/Help/Forum to get more info.
You can try it quick. The default server is: Once you're connected, you can talk/text message others that are connected (as guests). Then there are additional steps you can take to register/create new channels/etc.

If you do sign up for discord there is an unwritten rule that you must have an anime profile picture and be a weeb, so keep that in mind. My username is スメグマ#2236 if you want to add me.


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