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Discord: Disable Forced Updates on Windows

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Salutations everyone,
 I am sorta new here, I am doing some research for windows computers running Discord and I was trying to learn how to stop Discord from updating and skipping the check to just run the program.
I came across this topic post and found it very interesting:

I am curious how would one would go about doing this same kind of method on a windows OC running windows 7/8/8.1 64bit
I couldn't find a Settings JSON file in the appdata/Local/Discord app folder perhaps it is named differently, or maybe I need to edit an entirely different file/type.

If anyone has any experience or knowledge to share on how to edit a file to make Discord skip update checks let me know.


Stray Electron:
  I don't know anything about Discord but the only way that I've been able to stop Abode and several other Windows programs from updating was to find the name of the update server and add it to the Hosts file.

That was my first idea to try, I did this and it still causes the discord to not allow me to go beyond the update window and log into Discord.

I had tried blocking this URL that the updater calls for:
All this does is cause a indefinite update retry cycle.

you have to block outbound connections on many  executables to be sure   

for some web browsers  you can block their updates,  some work by adding a crafted file   

for windows  you have to block the windows update services   like :   or  others tools

for Discord ...  meh      like the posted infos earlier thread

Given that it's a bespoke client to a server they control there's a very real chance they'll be blocking old clients if you let it get too far behind.


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