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Do NOT buy HP products

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I believe from the day HP sold their quality products to Agilent when an incompetent woman named Carly Fiorina took over, the company became lost all integrity and respect. Every HP product I have bought and used since has been problematic. Bad drivers, bad software, bad hardware quality, bad hardware design and bad support.

I first felt their wrath of HP incompetency when I bought a HP IPAQ phone. It never worked properly from day one (get an incoming phone call and it randomly reboots during the call). Sent it many times under warranty and the f-wits were clueless how to fix it. I ended up debugging it myself and found a major design flaw for which I created a workaround. HP's bundled TomTom software could not run properly on such HP's incompatible hardware design.

The last straw for HP's came tonight. I wasted four hours of my life trying to install a HP P2055dn printer on someone's Windows 10 PC via USB. HP's drivers are dreadful. Their driver website says there are 3 drivers, but only 2 are listed.... can't they even get that right? Their driver software hangs. I finally got the printer driver to be detected, but for the life of me, it does not print a test page. Their moronic HP Doctor software does not work in saying everything is OK when it isn't. There is nothing wrong with the printer hardware other than the logo "HP". I could not be bothered spending a moment longer on this piece of HP crap. In the rubbish it goes - after I put a hammer though it.

Brother is far FAR better in their quality of design and software. Installation is breeze, unlike HP. As for laptops, HP laptops are crap as well. I only use Brother printers and have never been disappointed.

Sadly, this HP was once a good company. From the day Carly Fiorina took over, it has been downhill. If Mr Hewlett and Mr Packard were alive, they would be ashamed of what became of the once great company they founded. One thing that was good out of tonight's experience was an unfriendly reminder... NEVER, NEVER buy HP.

If you think about it, Keysight should remain HP, and the crap division of computers, IT and other stuff should have been renamed.

Did you update the firmware on the 2055DN? I used to have all those problems with mine until I updated the firmware, since then, it hasn't given any bother and been a good printer ever since.

I'd tend to agree, but the business-grade stuff seems to be a bit polarising of opinions, I had a Z series workstation, which was great, but one day it went wrong. But also worked in an office operating on a fleet of them, where not a single one gave issues. Printers have been good in terms of build quality and lifespan, but not without driver issues and firmware incompatibilities in the meantime.


--- Quote from: VK3DRB on May 15, 2021, 12:37:12 pm ---I believe from the day HP sold their quality products to Agilent when an incompetent woman named Carly Fiorina took over..
--- End quote ---

No. It was not Carly Fiorina.

It was Lew Platt separatet Agilent from HP.

(Charles H. House, THE HP PHENOMENON, around page 416)

Since they started to surprise owners of HP printers with firmware updates preventing the use of non-HP ink or toner cartridges I certainly stay away from HP printers.


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