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--- Quote from: VK3DRB on May 15, 2021, 12:37:12 pm ---The last straw for HP's came tonight. I wasted four hours of my life trying to install a HP P2055dn printer on someone's Windows 10 PC via USB. HP's drivers are dreadful. Their driver website says there are 3 drivers, but only 2 are listed.... can't they even get that right? Their driver software hangs. I finally got the printer driver to be detected, but for the life of me, it does not print a test page. Their moronic HP Doctor software does not work in saying everything is OK when it isn't. There is nothing wrong with the printer hardware other than the logo "HP". I could not be bothered spending a moment longer on this piece of HP crap. In the rubbish it goes - after I put a hammer though it.

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Depending on updates that computer received it could be a windows bug from last year.
EDIT: there is also a new Windows printing bug. Dunno if it affects the printer in question.
IMHO you unjustly lynched the printer without giving it a chance to defend in court.


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