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do you still use optical drives?

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What are your thoughts on optical drives in this day and age?

David Hess:
Since they are more reliable than USB Flash, yes.  I can store burned CDs or DVDs in a box for a decade and know that they will still be readable where any common USB Flash device will have died due to lack of retention.  It does not have to be that way but how do you tell which Flash memory devices will hold data for decades and which will not?

Nope. Not for ages. All offline data is on external USB HDDs, and all OS installs via bootable USB stick. .

For everything else there is the Internet...

Have not burnt a CD/DVD in maybe 5 years

is there a integrity test that can be performed on optical media rather then just relying on hearsay on which storage is best for blu-ray, dvd, etc?

(analog parameter scan)

CD-R's are perishable. About 10 years before they have too many bit errors.


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