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Does anyone recognize this motherboard

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Hi everyone, i found this 486 PC motherboard but couldn't find any info or user manual for it.

it reminds me one of those  china made "TMF " mobos.

But they usually have a tiny small logo I could not  see...
Otherwise the finishing is identical.

TMF brand vanished by late 90s..


That doesn't look like a standard PC motherboard to me, especially with those connectors. It has a 486 on it but could be an embedded system with a very different architecture.

The only hint I see is on the connector on the right side. ("CSSIPC-P4A ...")

One "similar" item I could find was this: "CSSIPC-P4P", a PC104 board:

But your board doesn't look like a PC104 one. Probably another kind of industrial computer module. Found a couple other "CSSIPC" boards.

The only reference of manufacturer I could find with similar named boards are from a manufacturer apparently called "Eberle". Like this item:

I suspect this is this company: ,  and those PC boards have long been obsolete with very little info to be found about them, so I can't be sure 100%.

The fact there are Siemens chips on the board would tend to lead us to this direction of a german company too.
There seems to be a sticker on the IC at the top of the first picture, which is hard to read. Maybe there's some info on it that could also help.

Maybe  read the socketed memory / eeprom on the board could show some infos ??  the best one would be to read the bios chip  trying to find some company branding logo or infos embedded in it ??


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