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Does LoRa require a Gateway?

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Lord of nothing:
Does LoRa require a Gateway?
I am interested in play around with that Module its cheap:
It says the Data are encrypt. Hmm who can decrypt it?  :-//
The point is by Law the output Power is limited that mean I can receive the Data with what ever Antenna I want and that mean I can put a hight Gain Antenna onto a "receiver". When I understand it right its just a one way communication?

Start reading this, it seems a good start.


--- Quote from: Lord of nothing on August 11, 2019, 04:06:35 pm ---Does LoRa require a Gateway?
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I asked a similar question a short while ago, after reading
I think I know the answer. :)

So there are two aspects of LoRa:

* LoRa, the chirp-based RF modulation scheme
* LoRaWAN, a communication stack that encompasses rules for framing packets at the link layer, managing power levels, authenticating devices and encrypting data
You can use LoRa and ignore LoRaWAN and invent your own rules for when to send packets, how to frame them, and how to validate them. Then you just match spreading factors between your transmitter and receiver and you're good to go, no gateway required.

However, you may want to interoperate with all of the LoRaWAN stuff out there - like being able to make use of other people's receivers (gateways) with better line of sight, plus the ability to get your data routed over the internet to your server, instead of building out all of that infrastructure yourself. Or maybe you don't want to build your own network stack.

In that case, you do need a gateway associated with the LoRaWAN network operator of your choosing. The Things Network has some good documentation on the LoRaWAN side of things:

Thanks, LoRaWAN seems to me very close to NB-IoT


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