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Electronics companies putting virus's onto USB sticks

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Please help with getting   rid of virus’s transferred by USB stick…..

I have worked in multiple different electronics companies. In each of them , I “took work home” by copying  files from my work PC  onto   various USB sticks, then  connecting the USB stick into my home laptop.

It became  blatantly obvious that the companies had  made their PC’s put spy software (and possibly other virus’s)  onto   these  USB sticks. It was  obvious because  often IT staff  were able to tell me  eg what youtube   songs, etc ,  I had listened to the night before.
I have even had staff at work accurately repeating eg  conversations that  i have had with my partner the evening they somehow can even collect the audio and transmit it back to themselves.

Recently my laptops have started to run very very slowly, and I believe that this is due to  virus’s  that I have inadvertently transferred   from my work PC to my home laptop via  the  USB sticks, in this way. (ie , the  companys  somehow make their PC’s put virus’s on any  workers’ USB sticks  connected to them)

Do you know how I can “clean” these virus’s off  these USB sticks?
And do you know how I can “clean” these virus’s off my laptop?
(do I have to reset windows?)

(I have Norton anti-virus, but it obviously hasn’t stopped these virus’s.)

(I guess that these companies do this because they suspect that workers might be trying to steel the company's IP, but i was not trying to do this. I guess the companys inject these virus's because ultimately, they want to destroy  the home laptop, as in their minds, it may contain their IP, due to it possibly being transferred by USB stick)

There are many reasons why a pc runs slow.
Hard disc nearly full.
Memory problems.

A couple of months back I thought I had a virus.
PC kept crashing.
I even tried reinstalling windows to clear it and it wouldn't install, kept crashing at same point.
I even tried a clean install but had same problem.

So did some checks of hard disc and memory with software and no problems found.

Out of desperation I removed one of my DIMM's and the problem went away.
SO swapped DIMMs and it still worked ok so DIMM's were ok.
Had a look in motherboard manual and it says DIMM's must be installed in pairs in same colour sockets.
I did this and pc been fine since.

Its strange I didn't have problems just after I first installed the second DIMM otherwise i might have twigged straight away.

you shouldn't put on the tinfoil hat so tight that it restricts blood flow to your brain, it makes you imagine crazy things ...

Norton is on the deal with those USB stick makers. PayPay me $10000 and I'll give you a proven solution. Just keep it quiet, we don't need your IT guy to find out, and he apparently already knows too much.

First of all, you should stop "taking work home" like that. It is almost certainly against company policies. It also opens you widely for liability. If anything ever leaks, you will be the first suspect.

Regarding the browser history thing: Are you using Google Chrome, and are signed in to the browser both at home and at the company? Chrome can (i do not know if it does it by default) syncronize your browser history among other settings. I have heard reports about people beging written up for this, because the scanners found NSFW stuff on their work computers.
I would suggest never signing into your private accounts while at work anyway. It is never smart to mix work and private life...


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