Author Topic: Eternal September's Excessive nymshifting. Any solution?  (Read 1670 times)

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Eternal September's Excessive nymshifting. Any solution?
« on: November 23, 2023, 12:31:56 pm »
All right, I must admit I didn't know this rule so I'd been doing nymshifting for years many times, maybe too times and now I can't post anymore: Thunderbird gives me this excessive nym-shifting error for server (port 119 NNTP).
I wrote to Wolfgang Weyand ( to ask him a solution but he didn't answer to me (weird!).
Now I've learned this lesson but how to go on posting and participating the E-S newsgroups with only-one-and-permanent nickname&email? I've thought just to unsubscribe my E-S account and subscribe a new one but I didn't understand if it's possible and how.
Can you help me please?

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Re: Eternal September's Excessive nymshifting. Any solution?
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2023, 02:32:12 am »
I can’t provide much specific help. If that was an automatic blockade, according to their FAQ it’s going to be lifted within 24 hours. If that’s the case and you messaged Wolfgang before 24 hours have passed, it’s clear why you didn’t receive a response. In general ToS indicates (at the bottom) accounts are removed after 180 days of inactivity. While inconvenient, this seems like the ultimate way to regain access.

While I can give little specific help, I can offer general suggestion as a former services administrator/moderator. Wait at least a month, not a day less, and send another message to Wolfgang. Write the message in a manner, which makes reading it worth recipient’s time. Experienced admins have ultrasensitive sense of bullshit, which reacts to trace amounts of poorly veiled hostility, signs of not fully comprehending the fuck-up, or just attempting to circumvent the problem.
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Re: Eternal September's Excessive nymshifting. Any solution?
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2023, 02:38:15 pm »
Thunderbird's been giving me this error from last friday (nov. 17th) so about one week ago. Now I've just tried another time with my default name&email registered in TB but it still gives me this error.

I've red E-S FAQ about nymshifting and copy&paste below:
My postings are rejected with a "Excessive nymshifting" error
As a safeguard against spam, sporge floods and people who use "morphing" or "nymshifting" as a means to evade kill files the server will accept no more than 5 different mail addresses in the From: header within a period of 24 hours.
Your permission to post will automatically be re-established after 24 hours
Please also see Eternal-September's Usenet Abuse FAQ
I've been changing email addresses more than only 5 times along these years anyway this is the 1st time I get this sort of "ban". I don't think it's actually only a nymshifting matter else my ban would be now canceled according to the above FAQ but I can't post anymore.
So is this a morphing matter? Consider the following FAQ about morphing taken from the above "Usenet Abuse":
Q: Will we terminate an account for excessive morphing to evade kill files?
A: We will first warn them and if they do not stop, we will term the account. Please note that morphing involves changing the email address. Simply changing the from name is not morphing. You should be kill filing on email address, not name.
Definitely this seems to me more a morphing than nymshifting matter because I've been changing both ones though my TB error warns me only about "nymshifting" and I'm afraid it's a sort of permanent ban from E-S by my ID account. The strange (and frustrating!) thing is I didn't ever receive any message in my gmail account (registered in E-S) to be warned about my mistake, if so I'd have stopped this myshifting/morphing.
What do you think about it?

This is the email I sent last saturday (nov. 18th) to Wolfgang (I copy&paste)t:
Good morning Mr. Weyand,
I joined eternal-september's newgroups and I've been posting there but today I've just got "Excessive nymshifting" error and now it's impossible for me to post.
I'd want to ask you if there's a solution for that, moreover I can ensure you I'll keep on using only a single username and email address from now.
Thank you for your time.
Best wishes.
What do you think about it? Does it sound like just bulls***t?

Honestly I can't wait a moth to send another email to Walgang to ask him to unblock my ban (writing what else?). If it's possible I'd like to erase my E-S subscription but I couldn't understand how to do it. I tried by "User settings" page but it seems only possible to change email and password, I mean it seems impossible both erasing my account and changing my ID.
Well, a quite easy solution would be to change my email address with a secondary email of mine for first then creating another account with a new ID and my current email address but I'd like to avoid this "workaround" to avoid to have 2 accounts, if possible.

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