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Ethernet (speed) auto-negotiation

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--- Quote from: CaptCrash on October 02, 2019, 01:01:20 pm ---I came back to this thread as today at a customers, we were having an issue between a Cisco managed switch (older unit 2960 i think, but I'm not 100%) and a HPE Procurve 3810M managed switch (new install).  The customer had configured a 4 port LAG group between the switches and was getting unreliable traffic throughput, with ports in the LAG being unreliable (link loss and packet corruptions).
In testing I cable tested each of the cables, connected with my laptop to each switch with each cable.  These tests all worked fine with a laptop to switch but not switch to switch.
In troubleshooting, I swapped from 50cm cables to 2m cables.  Issues with the LAG group stopped and traffic is now fine.

Changing the cables between the two switches made a difference.

--- End quote ---

Still not buying it. Most likely it was timing/skew problem rather than signal strength. I bet single 50cm cable between switches would work w/o problems until end of the days (of any switch involved). Switch interoperability problems are results of bad karma. That's why you shall stick to one brand only and do not risk your network being cursed by salesman who lost his deal.

I had a similar issue a decade ago with a dual port gigabit Broadbcom 5703 controller that was onboard a Supermicro X5DL8 and I had two of those server boards where the link speed kept on changing randomly on those particular nics and it will do it with any cable but there were options to turn it off in the driver and I think was ethernet wirespeed. No problems after that I did my checks on throughput and no packet errors on the switch port statistics.


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