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I have another thread where I mention how USB-WIFI adapters work better than Ethernet-WIFI adapters. The problem with any USB devices is they need to be placed relatively close to a computer but I need to place it at some distance, outdoors, about 10 m from the house.

I see they sell USB extending gadgets which you can connect using Ethernet cable but I have never used them and I do not know how well they work.  To really work well I guess they would need to boost the USB signals as well as the USB supply voltage.  Do they really do this and work well? Or am I going to be disappointed? Any recommendations?

What's ethernet-wifi adapter? I assume you mean pci-e or pci wireless adapter cards.
No, I doubt USB wifi adapters work better than internal cards, unless you have issues with the signal and the internal cards don't have removable antennas.

Those long usb things work fine, but they're not designed to carry power or power devices from the cable at the other end. You're supposed to use them with a keyboard or mouse, or to plug the cable in a hub that's powered separately.

Anyway, you could always get a 7.5v or higher (12v would be best) wallwart adapter and have two wires carry the dc voltage to your device over the 10 meters then use a tiny dc-dc regulator (or a car usb charger if you want something retail, because those work from at least 9v to 15v+) to get your 5v that would power the usb device.

Even with AWG24 wires (a pair you pull from ethernet cable for example) that have around 85 mOhm per meter resistance, at 10 meters you're gonna have a wire resistance of 85 x 20 = 1700 mOhm or 1.7 ohm
V = I x R  ... so at 0.5A (500mA) you're gonna have V = 0.5 x 1.7 =  0.85v drop ... so with 7.5v in , you're still gonna have around 6.5v DC in, good enough for a dc-dc converter to produce 5v.


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Well, yes, I've seen that already as well as many others. I would rather not spend $55 if I can do the same for $5.  Also, that set requires a power supply at the far end from the computer which kind of negates the whole thing.  I see many in eBay and other sites much cheaper.

Ideally I would like:
- Ability to extend by 12 ~15 m although I could probably get by with a bit less.
- No need for PSU or, if needed only at the end near the computer.

I have also seen pure USB extenders which can only do a bit less than 5 m but can be chained.

I am hoping for a solution that works and is inexpensive. There are many for sale but I want to know if and how they work.


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