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Extracting photos from a Nokia Lumia 630


My Dad and his girlfriend both have Nokia Lumia 630 mobile phones running Windows Phone. One of them has developed a problem - it will boot, and display a "desktop" with a list of apps, which you can scroll and click on with the touch screen (as usual), but if you click on any of the apps, nothing happens.

Looks like its clearly a software problem.

Is there likely to be an easy way of getting the owner's photos off this phone? I believe said photos are on the phone's internal flash, rather than a memory card.

Since it boots and responds to the touch screen, I'm assuming it can't be that faulty, but I have never used a smart phone of any description, so I'm a bit stuck for suggestions.

Any ideas? The owner has since upgraded to an iPhone, so she really just wants the photographs off it, and doesn't care about anything else.

steve30 :)

I know we spoke on the IRC server but for everyone else's benefit:

You could try connecting the device to a PC while it's unlocked. Most Microsoft and Android phones will show up as an MTP or mass storage device which should allow you to copy user data from the internal flash.

I had a quick look if there was a "safe mode" you can boot into like on Android's but there doesn't appear to be.

The Windows Phone might be connected to a Microsoft account and the pictures would be uploaded to the Onedrive of this account. Or try an USB connection to a PC.


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