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Fake background blur on camera-phones

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What's the deal with these camera-phones which attempt to fake a shallow depth of field? I'm seeing a lot of photos on the internet where there is fake background blur and it is usually quite obvious that it is faked in software and is not achieved by the lens.

Someone on IRC linked me to a major manufacturer's product page (I forget which) where they were promoting their shallow depth of field phone camera, and gave loads of example pictures. Some were actually quite good, but I'd say on half of them, it was blindingly obvious that it was faked.

What's the deal with these camera-phones, period? :-DD

They are completely rubbish (with rare exception of somebody bypassing the vendor software pipe and developing raws, if even possible on given model). They look worse than late 2000s era point and shoots with similarly sized sensors, despite a whole decade of sensor progress.

The answer is simple:
1. It's sold to proles who have never seen the real thing, so it doesn't need to look real.
2. The proles justify buying new phones every two years by thinking about all the things the phone replaces. Ergo, there is a strong marketing reason to make the proles believe that it replaces a camera too.
3. (By the same token, proles are lead to think it replaces a computer, but I'm digressing now >:D)

Mobile phones are peak consumer technology.

You know china style want to imitate real bokeh of dslr with expensive telephoto lens? through AI recognition. This is it. Its been going on for years even on brand like samsung and iphone, what took you so long? There are many more! Immitate 3d view, engorge eye like grasshopper and shrink lips like shit... what do you know? The ultimatum to this AI madness is deepfake or should i call... deepshit... but to be frank its kind of cool when you on vacation you dont want to bring big heavy dslr to spoil the mood, so you still can get coolish wannabe pics even though faked and visibly imperfect to pro eyes..

Wouldn't it just be for privacy?

Now that video call meetings and so forth are common, blurring the background to prevent unintentionally showing things you don't want to show.

Most people take all there photos on there phone, then also do all the photo editing on the same phone before using the same phone to post it on social media.

Some of this AI image enhancement tech can be very impressive when it works. It just doesn't tend to consistently give a good result in every situation.

Phone cameras have certainly gotten impressively good too. Sure you can't compare it to a big DSLR that costs 5 times as much as the entire phone that happens to have a camera built in. It is also much bigger and heavier than a phone, making it unreasonable to carry with you unless you know you want to take a photo there. Yet photos taken by modern phones look plenty good enough to get the job done. They don't look fuzzy or dull or noisy.


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