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Fortunately I use Xfce, not GNOME

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It is annoying when there are about 30 themes and at least 28 of them are absolutely awful, but it's better than not having any themes to choose from at all.

I actually use Gnome 3 on my laptop (with a dual-boot). It's OK-ish for this use, which is just on the go. And I can always boot to Windows if needed. My main workstation is still on Windows, and then I have a couple "headless" Linux boxes with no desktop environment.

The lack of customizability of Gnome 3 has always been mind-boggling. Using it on my main workstation would drive me crazy. Sure you have themes (but as discussed here already...), and you have extensions. Problem with both is that pretty much every Gnome update breaks extensions, which have to keep up (and be rebuilt). Extremely annoying. At each Gnome update, you're pretty sure half ofyour extensions will break. This lack of stability for extensions is a major issue, and goes hand in hand with the attitude of the Gnome team, which will make it harder, not easier, to make Gnome customizable even when they pretend you can.

One may not care for true "theming", but since you can almost change NOTHING on bare Gnome 3, themes are all you have if you want any change to the UI.

Xfce is not too great though. At least for me. If/when I eventually switch to Linux for my main workstation(s), I'm not sure yet what DE I will choose. I'll probably consider KDE these days (although I've always tried avoiding it), as it now looks like the most usable one.

I run Lubuntu, meaning LXQt. Works great for me.


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