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FreeBSD rather than Linux?

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So again let me repeat what I said so that I can prove we are not really at odds with each other.  Here is what I said said about "Beastie" originally.

--- Quote ---Even so, it is kind of strange they decided to use the Devil as the mascot, instead of an actual monster character like Frankenstien or Godzilla.
The Devil does not seem like a monster but a mischievous character who tricks you into doing his biding.
--- End quote ---

You posted a couple links from wikipedia (did you bother to read these?) which agree with my later statment.

--- Quote ---Imps are often described as troublesome and mischievous more than seriously threatening or dangerous.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on January 18, 2023, 05:01:47 am ---To me, Beastie looks much more like juvenile Puck, imp, or kobold, anyway.

--- End quote ---
So there you go, we are actually in agreement of my later statment and you are lashing out for nothing.

Here in the USA if you showed anyone an image of a red, horned, hoved, creature with a pitch fork, 9 times out of 10 they will tell you that it is the Devil and not some imp or other creature.

But here is something you probably didn't consider, is a mascot or product image Important? I would think so.

Just look at your own profile logo, the iconic Linux penguin, or the Windows window frame, OpenBSD blow fish, the now infamouse Redhat, which comes from the whitehat vs. blackhat concept.  All of these images are based on a general theme or idea for selling products or just to represent for what the creators invisioned.

In fact the "Devil" was used in popular brand of tires and quite frequently in other products mid centuary. For tires it is kind of joke to use the Devil since it can be annoying to get flat tires as if there there a mischievous devil popping them, or just bad luck. These type of ideas are important for selling products and people being attracted to use the product.

To reiterate what I said about "Beastie", it's strange to use the Devil as a mascot for a operating system becuase does it suggest the OS has could have bugs or crash (demons)? From my experience the "daemons" can certianly crash but they never have a "mind of their own" and therefore it doesnt work for me. So these are just my ponderings of why they chose the masot for freeBSD. If it was a play on word I would have chosen something that represents a "beast".

But to say that NO one should consider what these logos mean and then come to the conclusions that: " No need to speculate or wonder about devil-worshipping or satanism here." well that is just ludacris projection coming from you.

I understand you have problems with the woke agenda and things being canceled but this has nothing to do with my intention and you are just projecting your own insecurities with a seemingly general fobia of religion at new forum members as myself.

In fact you are doing more harm for your cause when you attack someone in the way you are doing now. And pointing out the nazi stuff on your countries flag that's just making things worse. Maybe I should go contact the ADL? j/k :)

If you think I am going out of the ordinary to desribe what I am seeing with the logo well I am not, this is just common observation no need get all emotional about a seemingly purpofully intent in trying to cancel everything or other conspriracy in mind.

I just bought this

Fun cover. ;D

Belgian national football team (aka Die Roten Teufel, aka De Rode Duivels, aka
Les Diables rouges) never heard of insecurities, or cancelling, or seemingly general fobia.

Equally, Brussels Airlines don't give a flying toss

Neither does Belgian Air Force aerobatics team


--- Quote from: Nominal Animal on January 18, 2023, 06:43:51 pm ---
--- Quote from: magic on January 18, 2023, 09:30:30 am ---This is pure applied autism.

Of course the image is stolen from You Know Where and of course You Know Who will associate it with You Know What.

--- End quote ---
You just wait when the autists find out the presidential flag of Finland contains a swastika.

--- End quote ---

Imagine Dublin in second half of 20th century and a bunch of trucks with swastikas painted on them zooming around:

Beastie is a nice guy, I approve the use of that logo.


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