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Fun with chromebook battery / how Google/Acer hate my battery


Many years ago I bought an Acer chromebook, wanting a simple and lightweight laptop with long battery life and also an ARM machine to play with.

At some point I sorta stopped using it and tossed it into storage. That's where the fun began.

Firstly, I noticed that it discharges the battery fairly fast. It was easily 50% after a few months.
Secondly, when the battery goes very low (I haven't determined how low exactly) the battery/power LED starts to blink even when the machine is "turned off" :palm:
It appears that in this state, it discharges itself down to the hard protection in the battery itself, at 2.5V per cell. Job well done ::)
When I reconnected it yesterday, the battery didn't even want to charge initially, only started on the second or third try.

I have previously stored unpowered x86 laptops with batteries in them for months too and never seen similar problems.


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