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gcc: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu >= i686-pc-linux-gnu ?

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Nominal Animal:

--- Quote from: DiTBho on April 13, 2024, 01:28:59 pm ---@Nominal Animal
do you use Gentoo, too?

--- End quote ---

I believe I did a test install well over a decade ago, but decided it wasn't for me; haven't used Gentoo since.

I've been using Gentoo since pre-beta in 2004, for 20 years   :o :o :o :o
Many things have changed, now this crazy idea of throwing all the bin and sbin files into /usr ... bah ...  :o

--- Code: ---macmini2-intel /mnt/disk3/src/machine/platform/x86/net5501/kernel/kernel-5.15.093-x86-net5501 # ./mybuild-2024 2
[step2] compiling
| experimental, vanilla + { my, OpenWRT } patches
checking myhost as qualified_host ... (speculative) success
checking .config ... success
checking blobs ... success
gadget_to_do(build) ... kernel/build
cleaning .............. done
gadget_to_do(clean) ... kernel/clean
building kernel ...

--- End code ---

This is the practical reason why it is so important on the new stage4 amd64  :o :o :o

The kernels and the various firmwares are compiled by a builder, which manages everything by profiles.
Therefore which machine can compile, with which toolchain, and C/as compiler version.
And this is used to keep track of the various work environments (toolchain and ecosystem) which have thus produced working results.

Working with several virtual machines and chroots, I've had bad surprises in the past and this is the only clean way to proceed

So, I have a variable in /etc/ that takes into account the new stage4 just produced, it will have a unique ID, which, if good, will be trusted as "qualified host".

For now I have just speculatively assumed that it "can produce" a working kernel (i.e. that both the compilers work and ecosystem { perl, python, ...} ).
Then I will verify the matter, and if it passes I will definitively add the new stage4 to the list of Qualified Hosts!

Although it uses an AMD Geode i686-compatible CPU, so although it's an x86 machine, I really like that net5501 router  ;D

the new 64bit version

--- Code: ---# myhost

--- End code ---
(will stay in a chroot until it is mature enough)

the old 32bit version

--- Code: ---# myhost

--- End code ---
(will be replaced and archived)


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