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gmail and the dot character in the recipient name

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My gmail address has the form

Sometimes I find in my inbox emails destined for another address (without the "." character between word1 and word2)

1. Anybody else with a similar problem?
2. Is this ignoring of "." an expected behavior?
3. Does this mean the recipient "word1word2" can read the emails of recipient "word1.word2", and vice-versa?

Black Phoenix:
It could happen that your email is on CC or BCC. Is something that typically is seen in Spam Emails, were all variations are on BCC.

This is expected behavior. Gmail ignores dots. Said differently, in gmail, dots are decorative.

If you have word1word2, no one else can register a variant that differs only in dots.


--- Quote from: RoGeorge on October 18, 2019, 12:15:19 pm ---My gmail address has the form
--- End quote ---

Your real email is and you can put as many dots as you want anywhere and it won't make a dot of difference.

This is the correct behavior for Gmail.

Even tho traditionally e-mail does not do this, but google has decided for some reason to ignore the . character in email addresses.

Basically g-mail does a replace "." with "" before looking at the email address, so if your email is you will receive any emails sent to or or or ....

Why they have decided to do such a non standard thing i have no idea, but it does have useful applications. For example you can give some people a different email address by adding extra dots, allowing you to easily filter out there emails if they send you garbage. If a website has a limitation of one unique account per email address you can easily register another account by adding in a extra dot as all websites will take that as a new unique email address etc...


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