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hacking CASIO CP400, anyone?


I spent my second BlackFriday bonus on a CASIO CP400 graphing calculator.

It's big calculator with a very nice LCD, and powered by a ~50 Mhz SH4 CPU, downclocked a bit to save power.
Unfortunately there is no SDK available from CASIO, you cannot develop and run your own applications.

But nothing can stop you from hacking the firmware, writing a loader (S19?) and having fun.

How to spend time during Christmas holidays. Anyone?   ;D

Available on Calcuso for 140-150 euro.
Cheaper than on Amazon

You might find this useful  8)


--- Quote from: neil555 on December 04, 2022, 09:07:30 pm ---You might find this useful  8)

--- End quote ---

Nice  :D


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