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How do I backup photos without deleting them form iCloud?

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I have an iPhone 7, use Win10, and need to free up space on my device without losing my pictures and videos from the past several years. I upgraded to the 200GB iCloud plan and have over 100GB of pics/vids.

My question is: if I were to delete the pictures from my phone, how do I ensure they aren't deleted from the cloud?

I have tried to copy the entire contents of the iCloud Photos folder to my OneDrive or D: drive but it refuses (says I need to free up space on my C: drive

Maybe this:


my advice: don't rely on icloud to backup your photos...
a cloud service (**ANY**) is NOT a backup solution. NEVER.
make a separate backup on an external drive, with enough room of course.

Once backed up to a local drive,
what windows programs are available to sort, find and browse images
as elegantly as can be done on a iPhone or iPad?

For instance,
on a iPad the images can be overlayed on a map
based on where they were once taken.


I did not say to use only a local drive
you can still use a cloud based service, but do not rely on them for a backup solution.
it is only a easy synchronisation system.
if some pirate guess your password, or succed in hacking apple servers, they can wipe your photos, and nothing is left...
there are not many chances, but believe me I have some customers that were once in this situation (mainly with google drive but it's the same principle)


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