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How do you use manucfacturer's SSD diagnostic program in Linux ?

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In the preparation to migrate host OS to Linux from Windows, need suggestion/recommendation from you experienced Linux users.

All this time SSDs I'm using/used are all Samsung's up to recent XPG SX8200 Pro series.

As each manufacturers supply it's own proprietary SSD diagnostic program, eg: Samsung Magician or XPG SSD ToolBox, and all of them are made to run on Windows OS only.

They can not be replaced with other generic SSD/SMART diagnostic software as some are very specific/proprietary task that only it's own program can perform, say like firmware upgrade and etc.

How do you Linux users handle this when there is a need to use it ?

Provide a scratch Windows boot drive just for this ? Or thru virtualization ? As most people I believe just don't run this kind of program everyday.  ::)

Appreciate if you can share your own experience, tips or tricks if any in this case, TIA.

I use HD Sentinel on Windows, and they also offer a Linux version.

With the large volume of Linux based server I doubt there will be much problems with the fairly standardized SMART data of drives. So maybe look into the software remote managed servers use?

Firmware update and smart erase is something no standard tool can perform. This will remain a bootable disk.

I honestly don't bother. SMART gives me all the information I need, even for SSD drives. Most Linux distros are SSD aware and can read and interpret things like SSD wear leveling statistics.

As for Intel drives, you can update the firmware via a bootable drive. Write the image to a CD or USB flash drive and off you go:

Samsung SSDs firmware can be upgraded from downloadable bootable ISOs AFAIK:

Thanks for the replies, I guess I have to keep an old drive with bootable Windows 7, not a big deal though as I have many those old unused drives.


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