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How easy/possible to convert an internal LTO tape drive to an external one

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I'd like to go back to using LTO for tape backup. I don't want to pay the extravagant prices of new drives.

A guy near me is selling some used LTO-6 drives which may be in good shape, not heavily used. My question: What exactly constitutes an "internal drive". I see it's got more casing on it, and connectors in different locations than the guts of an external drive. Can these simply be removed? Is there a drive inside with everything that's needed to just install in an external enclosure, or are these really built differently so they can't easily be modified/converted for external use?


In my experience they are some variety of SCSI or SAS drive and you just get an enclosure that supplies sufficient power and provides the appropriate data connection. I've used external LTO drives with iSCSI which is SCSI over ethernet/TCP.

You're talking about the external models? If so, I know rougly what's included in the enclosure. I'm asking if an internal drive can be taken apart or easily modded to be used in an external enclosure.

A few years ago I removed a drive from a tape library.
Seem to remember that it was Fiber Channel (FC), and that it
had two FC contacts and that I had to use the "other" contact.
I may be wrong and YMMV.

Thanks. I need to know with some more certainty, as the items are used, so obviously I can't return them.


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