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How is this INSANITY safe?!

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I realise I might be singing Hail Satan! to the choir here, but...

Phones simply use too much power.

Whilst I recognise the strides in power consumption in Arm systems vs Intel, the apps for phones are obnoxious in terms of CPU/power usage. And the browser vendors are culpable for allowing the mobile version of websites to be presented so shittily.

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I think the arcing risk is not so much problematic for health reasons.
But it may quickly damage the cables or connectors.
For 90 Watt Power over Ethernet, which also uses 48 Volts, this already is an issue. You are supposed to disable power before unplugging the RJ45 jack. Unplugging while full power is applied will ark and damage the connectors.

Also it is just a matter of time for these cables to be faked. They will claim to support this 240 watt charging, the chip will claim to support this, but the one strand "copper" wire will vaporize  :-BROKE


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