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How to drive a new laser printer (no XP driver) from a WinXP VMWARE VM

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I am running a win7-64 machine, and on it I have a winXP VM for running a load of oddball old (but very valuable) software.

I replaced a trusty old Kyocera laser with a new FS-1061DN Kyocera laser, and found there is no WinXP driver for it :)

Apart from the obvious like printing to a PDF, copying that PDF to the base machine, and printing that, how can this be solved?

I thought that basically all lasers emulate the old HP Laserjet (PCL language) but I can't get that to work.

A complication is that the old laser was connected via a centronics parallel cable (because LPT1 always works :) ) the new one has no parallel, only USB and an RJ45 for ethernet.

I have a similar setup and installed HP Laserjet driver (4100) manually in XP (VM).
Also, I set up printing over the network and setup the IP addresses manually in XP.
This way I could print directly to an older Brother laser printer.

A while back I needed to setup Win98 in a VM box with laser printer.
That was a real challenge.

Install the new printer in Win7 and share it as a LAN printer.
Then boot the WinXP VM and set the WinXP to use the network printer from Win7.

Thank you. But I can't get XP to see it.

This is the sharing config on the base OS (win7-64)

and this is what I am trying in XP but it can't see it

The VM OS doesn't seem to have network connectivity, which doesn't help:

I have tried some other settings like NAT and Host Only and while the base OS can see inside the VM, the VM cannot see anything outside. My experience is that one normally spends hours playing with this and one day it starts to work :)

The host (Win7) and the guest VM (WinXP) must be in the same network.  Try something else than "Host-Only" in the VM network adapter settings (last pic), then see which setting makes the shared Win7 printer visible to WinXP.

I think the share printer idea should work, but I didn't use Windows for a long time, so I don't know the exact settings.  I hope I'm not wrong with this advice, I have no way to test if it works.


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