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how to filter gmail? and automatically redirect emails into categories

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so, I have two Gmail accounts, one is business one is private.
Since I submitted to a couple of dev mailing list, I am receiving too many emails per day, mixed with other stuff.

Is there a way to automatically redirect emails into categories?
Put emails from { @yyyy11, @yyyy12, .... @yyyy1N } into the category1
Put emails from { @yyyyn1, @yyyyn2, .... @yyyyNN } into the categoryN

Plus, how to fetch emails at Google mail? :-//

1. Don't use gmail.
2. Or use a mail client to access it. That's what I do with one pro gmail account that I need to use. I use thunderbird which has a pretty decent rule system for putting emails in categories and subfolders automatically.


Accessing offline:
I use a couple different IMAP clients to access my gmail. This has the advantage that all of them "see the same mailbox" and I can work seamlessly across the different devices.

Sure you can.

Gmail doesn't have folders per se, it has tags.  The difference is that a message can have multiple tags.  You can create filters to assign a tag to incoming messages, and then check the box "skip inbox."  This is the key to get it to not automatically apply the "inbox" tag to the message in addition to whatever tags you create.

Here is the support page on how to do it:


--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on November 24, 2022, 07:30:17 pm ---1. Don't use Gmail

--- End quote ---

I have to use Gmail, lot of reasons for that.
Don t like it, but I have to.


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