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Title: How to Install and Run KIRIMOTO locally on windows PC
Post by: imk on August 17, 2021, 09:52:47 am

For those that don't know KIRI:MOTO is a really nice online slicer for 3D printing and CNC Milling etc.
That can be accessed here it is really easy to learn, i was milling from it in an hour or so.

Problem is my internet connect to my workshop is not always reliable.
So i would like to run KIRI:MOTO in Chrome from a local tiny server (I guess) on a windows PC.

I have ask KIRI:MOTO support if this is possible and there reply was:
Hi Ian,
It's all open source. Instructions are on the GitHub source page:
Best, Stewart

My question is where do i start please:
As I have ZERO WEB skills, no idea how to setup local JS server, install KIRIMOTO JS and access it from local Chrome etc.

Many thanks in advance imk